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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

NEW Retailer! ROOM 6 in Deep Cove.

It's so nice to be able to count Room 6 amongst our growing list of retailers. Located in Deep Cove it sure appears to be a spectacularly lovely shop with special attention to detail! If you're in the area swing on by and check out our Draw Me A lion Story Activity Kits, Cat and Dog Colouring Posters, colouring postcards and cards first hand! Of course they're in great company! Room 6 has heaps of beautiful things that are, as Megan the shop owner states ... "for nice people... and you are nice aren't you?"

Here are some pics of the shop, the bigger one is courtesy of Pinecone Camp, an also very nice photography blog.
I especially love all the pics of Megan's dogs on the Room 6 site. Oh, and there's this very cool video on Room 6's site where the dogs star just as much as part of the shop as the owner and the things in it. Love it! :)

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Fun DIY Project: Colourful Pinecone Pendants!

It's snowing and it's fun to go outside and build a mini snowman with the snow we have here in Vancouver. But once you're out there for a few hours it's also really nice to come back inside, get warm again and maybe... colour in a pinecone that you just happened to pick up outside!
If you feel like it all you'll need are some acrylic, poster paint, or guache in tubes, a brush, some newspaper, a string and of course... a lovely little pinecone! You could make a bunch and line them up on your window sill or save them till next year and have the cutest Christmas tree ever!

Great Interview with our retailer COLLAGE COLLAGE!

Here is a great interview with Erin from COLLAGE COLLAGE on Broken Pencil Magazine! I was just going to read a bit and then read the whole thing later but then it was so good that I that just read the whole thing right away! Go Erin!

Also really happy to see our Dog and Cat Colouring Posters making an appearance in the article! So great! Another thing I found great was this mini terrarium featuring ...a lion(!) that Erin has at the shop! Of course I have to post a pic of it here! Roaaarrrr!

Saturday, 14 January 2012


Hello Hello!
We're still doing our FREE GIVEAWAY of 3 cool items to the 112th person to like our Facebook page and to sweeten the deal... I'm also going to pick ONE RANDOM PERSON FROM THE LIKES who will receive a free colouring postcard booklet!
Tell your friends!
Here is a pic of our colouring booklets to entice you with;) It includes 12 cards that you can colour and send of to your bffs!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Years! FREE GIVEAWAY!

A very creative and Happy New Year to all of you! Here at Draw Me A Lion I'm excited for this upcoming new year and hope that it will bring our little company only good things that will make us grow into a strong little lion! But in order to grow stronger we're going to need your help!

So, we're starting the year 2012 with a FREE GIVEAWAY!
The 112th person to 'like' our facebook page wins these three cool Draw Me A Lion products!
Pass it on! Help us grow and someone else get a whole lot of nice things shipped right to their doorstep! Hurrah!