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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Cards for Flower Lovers

Huzzah! There are new cards in the shop and they're for flower lovers all over the universe! I have been venturing to the beautiful public gardens here in Vancouver a lot lately and there are so many beautiful flowers to see and smell and touch and of course also to draw (lucky me:)) I get really blown away by just how beautiful and unique every flower is. Of course then when I make the actual drawings for my cards like these here, I don't really worry about the type of flower and getting the specifics right, but I'm simply letting my imagination take over. I'm more after the feeling that flowers give me. 

 This feeling is what I tried to put into these two cards here. If you can enjoy these half as much as I enjoyed making them it would make me very happy. A big thanks here to all of the green thumbs at the community gardens in Vancouver and everywhere! It's so lovely seeing all the beautiful work you've done. Lovely lovely lovely. Thanks so much for making our cities more magical. 

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Summer Time...

Yes, It's Summer Time. Finally! Because of this I have been a little bit more relaxed than usual in terms of getting work done around here. A new project is thus...slowly...on the way and until it's ready I'll keep it under wraps, however I am happy to say that a drawing I recently did just for fun turned into a new print for Draw Me A Lion! I love it when inspiration just strikes. In this case it was definitely well, ... I think the print says it. Literally.

Here is the print and how it started. This is the first time that I am using an image I made that is only done in watercolour & ink for a print. I usually like to work using a drawing I did by hand and then finishing it up in the computer for colour. So yes, as far as prints go, this is a first. The colour in the final prints might look a bit different than in this one here. Perhaps a bit more overall creme coloured. I'm not too sure yet, but I'll be sure to keep you posted and share it with you soon! Can't wait to add it to the shop!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Free DIY Colouring Postcard for YOU

Print it, colour it, cut it out & glue it together!
Last weeks post was on how the way you colour a drawing can change the whole look of the drawing. So I thought it would be nice to give you something fun to colour in this week so that you can try that whole idea out. You could print out two copies of this DIY postcard and colour them totally differently. Then you could send them to two different people. Or you could send them to the same person. Maybe they won't even notice that it's the same card because you coloured them so differently! Give it a try!

Go to the Free Downloads section on the Draw Me A Lion site HERE to get the card.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Colour and Colouring

I loved colouring and drawing as a kid and I remember very well what it was about the images that I liked to colour the most. It was that I really liked looking at them. It was never exciting to colour in a drawing that I didn't like. I still like colouring today and I think that it can be such a fantastic way to wind down and relax. Colouring isn't just great for kids, it's a like a meditation, you just have to allow yourself to really get lost in. So simple, so fun and so effective. And of course as your're colouring in something, you learn so much about colour itself and what it can do.

Today when I make images for the Draw Me A Lion colouring items in the shop, I always try to leave space for the person's imagination that will be doing the colouring. Sometimes it's really fun to colour in a super detailed drawing, but it's also fun to add more by drawing on the drawings and really make it yours.

Here is the original Cat Colouring Postcard I coloured in two different ways up at the top. How would you have coloured it in? Would you have drawn in something extra? Maybe there could be a tiny cat sitting on top of the big cat! It's all up to you!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day! 
In celebration of Canada day, here are two very Canadian artists. They are different from each other in many ways and yet very much alike in others. Ted Harrison and Jerry Whitehead. I had the pleasure of working on a collaboration with Jerry some years in the past. He is an amazing person and does a lot of work in schools and with kids. You can check more of his work out here