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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Doing Business with People I LOVE!

Fun at The Framers' Workshop

It's so much fun to run my own little online shop and I love it when I get orders from new retailers that I adore. It makes me so happy to know that the things I made will be part of a beautiful and welcoming environment and that the people selling them will be people I genuinely like and admire. 

The Super Serious & Super Helpful Staff 

I have been so lucky with all of my amazing retailers that I have so far, but I'm pretty sure that this one takes the cake for me personally because my cards are now available at the fantastic Framers' Workshop in Boston MA, that has just been bought up by some very good friends of mine. 

The Cutest Framer Ever

Justin has been working at the framing shop for the last 9 years and him and his wife ... and super cute kiddo have now taken it over to run it themselves. 

A BIG CONGRATULATIONS Justin & Sarah, this is so fantastic and I'm so happy for you guys! Here's to doing business with people I love!

The New Face Of The Framers' Workshop