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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Get ready for the Holidays!

Lately every year the holidays do this thing where they manage to sneak up on me even though I definitely know they're coming! I think it's because shops start to decorate for Christmas earlier and earlier now and and so for a month or two we are in this constant state of Christmas, almost forgetting that there is an actual date attached to the whole thing. By the time I realize that it's often too late and my cards end up getting there a week after everything is long over. This year, I have decided to be better about it. I will try to write all of my cards in these next couple of weeks so that later, all I will need to do is to throw them in the mail. If you want to be clever like me might I suggest one of our festive card sets to get you in the writing mood?

Pass on the Christmas spirit with santa and a little Christmas sprite.
A more general holiday card set that is a wee bit on the funny side of things. 
And last but not least these single cards of three cute kids with animals singing songs of Peace On Earth. Wouldn't it be nice if we all just got along? 

So whatever holiday you're celebrating this season, let's make it as awesome as possible.

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