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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Inspiration: Antique Toys

It's always great for me to go back to Germany and visit. This time I visited three separate antique toy exhibitions. There is something about great toys that is so beautiful and magical even to this day for me. I can't quite describe the feeling but in a nutshell I don't think it's changed much since when I was just a wee one. Still the same awe, the desire to own them and the cheer satisfactory feeling to look at them in all their beauty. Of course not all toys, only the most beautiful ones, which are those with the most character I find. So full of personality, they come to life.  
Of course I always bring my sketchbook and sneak my camera in on those visits. Here are a few pictures of some toys that already brought joy to kids and adults alike hundreds of years ago and a drawing of a doll in all of her fancy that I made while there. Drawing some of these toys of course  inspired me onto other projects... but then I don't think that this is specific to the subject matter. I do think it specific to the process of drawing. Draw something and it will turn into something else... and inspire you to draw more... that's the beauty of drawing. Why don't you try drawing a favorite toy sometime and see what happens? Send us a picture of it! We'd love it! 

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