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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Little Red Riding Hood & Other Stories - The Making of a Picture Book

It’s hard for me to believe that I’ve been teaching at Emily Carr for three years already. So many talented students took my course, and now it is my pleasure to be able to share some of the work that they produced in class with the public. The show titled ‘Little Red Riding Hood and Other Stories – The Making of a Picture Book’ presents work that Continuing Studies students created in my level 1 and level 2 Illustration for Picture Book courses.The majority of the show is dedicated to student’s interpretations of the timeless tale of little red riding hood, which is one of the assignments given in class.
There's always a great mix of people in my classes and I know that all of them are genuinely interested in the subject matter. It makes teaching so much fun. Sure, I groan about the prep and admin work from time to time but in the end every time I’m actually in the classroom and have people come in, excited to learn and with great work it’s so worth it.
This show is a tribute to all of my past students, the effort they put into the course, the work that they made, and the things that they taught me.
Come and check it out if you're in Vancouver.
Here are a few pics of the reception we had for the show:)

And here are some of the illustrations that you can see in the show. So many to look at! 

Little Red Riding Hood and Other Stories

The Making of a Picture Book
June 14 – 29, 2013
Emily Carr Concourse Gallery
Opening reception 2:00 pm, Saturday, June 15
Free and open to the public daily from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
This exhibition brings together illustrations created for Little Red Riding Hood and other stories, as well as original picture books created by current and former students in the Continuing Studies courses Illustration for Picture Books I and Illustration for Picture Books II.
Curated by Lisa Cinar.
Emily Carr University of Art + Design
1399 Johnston Street, Vancouver, BC

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