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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Free Christmas Tree Ornaments for YOU!

So this Holiday I thought I'd make a little free print out of some Christmas tree decorations for you. Just print them out, colour them in, cut them out, put a little thread through the top of each one and go to town on your tree. Of course now that you're started why not make a whole bunch more of your own ornaments from scratch? Give it a try! You'll have so much fun!


When I was a kid one of my favorite Christmas activities was decorating the tree. My mom and I always did it together but she pretty much let me have creative control which I totally loved. All of those precious little ornaments, each one so different and special and all of them so beautiful together in the perfect arrangement. Now as an art teacher I look back at this love of decorating the tree and think about how much it relates to what I do today. Decorating a tree is all about adding details and placing them in a pleasing composition. Just like illustration and design.

Happy Holidays! 

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