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Monday, 28 November 2011

Find Draw Me A LIon at DILLY DALLY!

Draw Me A Lion has a second local retailer! I'm so happy to say that you can now find pretty much all of our items at Dilly Dally! If you're located in Vancouver it's probably the best way to check out All of our Limited Edition Prints in person and pick one up without having to pay shipping fees!

Dilly Dally is a really awesome toy shop and if you haven't been this might just be the perfect time! It's pretty hard to go in there and not come out with a little something something. Claire & Tyler who own the shop are really cool, sweet and helpful. They have a great selection of toys, prints, stationary, colouring books, picture books and games there ... and now of course also Draw Me A Lion Prints, Colouring Posters, Story Activity Kits and Colouring Postcard Booklets! Here are a few photos of our things at Dilly Dally with Claire and Tyler modeling them.

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  1. love that store! one day i will have kids & money (not necessarily in that order) and shop there all the time. love that your stuff is there now too!