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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Our Colouring Postcard Booklets are a HIT!

Our Draw Me A Lion Colouring Postcards are our biggest sellers so far, and it's no surprise really. They are super fun to colour and a really great way to introduce your little ones to the concept of mailing something,... noooo, not via e-mail, via REAL post! Make a whole project out of it! Decide on who you'd like to send a card to, colour in your postcard, write your name on it, and perhaps even draw yourself on top of the animal somewhere! You could also draw the person who you're sending it to on top off, or next to the animal. Then you can explain the way postal codes and addresses work and go to a mail box or postoffice and talk about how the mail gets delivered!
I remember learning about the mail system in school and it's really a pretty neat thing to know just how many people are involved in delivering a special postcard that you made to your Grandma overseas! Plus they make a for a great little stocking stuffer!

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