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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Our Colouring Posters are really FUN!

The other day I finally got the chance to colour in one of my own Colouring Posters! I figured since we already have a picture of our Dog Colouring poster coloured in by Miles, I'd give the underrepresented Cat Poster a shot. And you know what... it was super fun! Put on some Holiday tunes, make yourself a nice little eggnog and do some colouring! It's a pretty relaxing thing to do and when you're done you have a beautiful one of a kind print to hang up in your home. Of course you could always leave the colouring to the kids and just draw in a line here and there while writing some Christmas cards and focusing more on the eggnog aspect. Either way. It's really a win win situation! Colouring posters for all! And to all a goodnight!

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