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Monday, 9 April 2012

My Easter Egg

Hurray for Easter! Yesterday was such a nice day. Finally just got to hang out with some of my awesome friends and take it easy. My friend Brandy is Ukranian and so it's now a little bit of an Easter tradition already that she gets us all to make "pysanky" which are Easter Eggs decorated using a special and fairly elaborate wax resist and dye process. You get a "kiska" (don't know if my spelling is accurate here) which is like a little pen where you scrape wax into an opening and then let it melt on a flame. Then you use the pen, which is now full of melted fluid wax to draw onto your egg. Everything you cover in wax will stay white. Then you dunk the egg into some dye. Then you apply more wax and dunk it into a different dye... and so on and so forth.

It was so fun and relaxing to do make these eggs, ...and eat a really great Ukrainian Easter dinner, that I pretty much spend my whole day there, even though I had elaborate plans of coming back home and getting sooo much work done. I'm glad I didn't!
What could be better than making something fun and beautiful, eating good food and hanging out with friends?

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