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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Surround Yourself with beautiful Art

Children's imaginations are rapidly forming and growing. Allowing them to view various types of images on an ongoing basis is crucial in their creative behaviors in my opinion. I was exposed to lots of different kinds of styles and art when I was little. My mother and grandmother had paintings that depicted people and still life's, hung on their walls, while an artist friend of my mothers had amongst other things a variety of abstract and surreal works displayed.

One of the pictures I remember the most now when I think back to that time is one of a rider on a donkey. It was a depiction of the legend of St. Martin, the bishop of France who sacrificed his horse and half of his coat to help others. I think what I loved the most about this image was that it told a story. Because I didn't know the story at the time though, I constantly found myself looking at it and making up my own story to go along with it. It was an image that was interesting and beautiful enough to make me come back to it over and over again. It wasn't too abstract or too literal. I could change the story it was part of over and over again.

Today this is exactly the kind of quality I have instilled in all of the prints for Draw Me A Lion. I create all the images so that you are able to create your own fun story out of what you see. So the next time you buy a print for your kids room pick one that will stimulate their imagination rather than just go with the curtains. You'll be happy you did!

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