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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Maurice Sendak - Truly a Lion

 One week ago was the day Maurice Sendak died. It's already been a whole week that has gone by since then, and that seems crazy. It was really very strange for me to hear about this. It made me realize something quite sad which is that a lot of the great illustrators or writers of children's books that I love and admire so much are either already dead, or are getting older and older, just like everyone else.
The beautiful stories they have created however won't be leaving us along with them. They will always remain with us, and for those of us who really loved them they will actually become part of us. Part of what we are made out of. Part of what we believe in and part of what we will want to pass onto those new generations to come.

I know that Maurice Sendak's stories will continue to make an impact on those that read them for years and years to come and will be responsible for many new ideas and creative projects. Thank you Maurice Sendak for your trust in yourself to tell stories that were so often the centre of controversy. You stuck with your gut and with what you knew was important to children and that takes a whole heap of courage.

I also wrote a blog entry on Maurice Sendak on the "I Heart Picture Book" blog here, and made this illustration in his honor which you can view here on my Sketchblog.

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