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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Thinking about Mom

This is a picture of my Mom and me. It's the picture that is always up on the side bar of this blog because my Mom played a huge part in getting me interested in art, drawing, writing and creative thinking. She played a big part in the person that I am today. She always encouraged me to draw and be creative and this spirit is exactly what I now want to pass onto everyone else in the form of the things I create for Draw Me A Lion. 

The drawing on the left is a drawing that my mom and me did together when I was about 4 years old.  It's an exquisite corpse drawing, where you fold the piece of paper into four sections and then one person draws the head, the next the shoulders and upper body and so on... 

In this particular one things got a bit mixed up and I ended up drawing the whole top of the figure and my mom the whole bottom. My mom kept many of our drawings and it's so amazing to be able to have them today and look at what we did. We had so much fun drawing together. I loved drawing with my mom! 

On the right side is a close up of the new 'Happy Mothersday' Card I just made in honor of all those Awesome Mom's out there! 

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