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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Happy Birthday Roald Dahl

The other day was once again the birthday of the fantastic Roald Dahl. Had he not died in 1990 he would have been 96 this year. I have always loved all of his fabulous stories and can still remember my mom reading his book The Witches to me and me loving it. I remember how
deliciously scary some of the parts were and I remember enjoying myself tremendously. Here I found two photos of this great, great children's author in two opposite stages of his life in age but not in personality and heart it seems. (the first image is of Dahl at age 6).

If you haven't yet, you should take a peek at his official website and if nothing else, listen to the short interview clips of his that are posted there. They will give you quite a good insight into his work process and life. Also, and this applies specifically to the clip of him reading an excerpt from the BFG-(that's clip #11) Roald Dahl himself has the most amazing storyteller voice ever. Tell me you can listen to him reading that part of the BFG while looking at this photo of him here and not fall in love. Impossible. 

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