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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Fun DIY Project: Mr. Paper Valentine

So I was going to Not make anything for Valentines this year, other than the 'I Valentine You' card I made in the Draw Me A Lion shop... but then I got a little bit of a hankering to do a fun 30 minute Valentine craft project. "What was it" you ask? Why I decided to recreate Mr. Valentine from the card in the shop.

I took some photos along the way so that you can do it too at home. And really it doesn't have to be Valentines day to make Mr. Valentine. I bet that whoever you want to make it for will be just as happy, or maybe even happier when you give it to them in the middle of summer or winter sometime, because really, we should think of how awesome all of our special friends in our lives are every day, not just one day a year.

So here's all you need, explained in pictures. Looks mighty good propped up on your desk, or you could make a tiny hole in the top of the hat and thread a needle with some colourful thread and hang it on your wall that way. Or you'd like to make a Miss or Mrs Valentine? If you do send me a pic won't you? I'd love to see her... and so would Mr. Valentine I'm sure. <3

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