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Monday, 20 February 2012


A while back it was once again Chinese New Years and this year I finally got the chance to go and check out the parade! I had missed it the last two years so I wanted to make sure to catch it this time around because I sure to love parades and luckily so does my friend Rebecca. We made a whole day out of it. Parade, Chinese food, more Parade, more Chinese food and then end of parade where the dragons eat the lettuce off of the shops that wish to have good luck. Pretty great day. I took a whole bunch of pictures of course and wanted to share some here, especially the ones with the kids who were in the parade and doing such a great job but also the kids that were outside of the parade watching it. I always think that it's so great for kids to see other kids do cool stuff and perform and be part of things publicly. Not just adults.

Of course it also reminded me of the 1•2•3 Duck Parade Print here in the shop. Check it out:)

These girls here were the cutest little dragon ever!

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