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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Eric Carle's Father

I have recently read the fantastic book "The Art of Eric Carle" in which Carle not only talks about his art, but also about his life, his upbringing and inspiration. Carle loved his father who was also artistically inclined but was unable to realize this goal himself because his family did not allow it. So while his father could not be an artist himself he installed and fostered Eric's artistic side, encouraging him to paint and look closely at the world around him. Eric and his father were very close and if you look at any interview with Eric Carle he will always talk about his father as his main inspiration and the person responsible for giving him the gift of love.

When Eric Carle lists "some of the basic ingredients to a few of his books" in "The Art of Eric Carle" the following quote is one of them.

" My father's love and his sense for passing on existing knowledge"

I also found this cute video of Eric Carle's book "Papa Please Get Me The Moon" and which of course is dedicated to Carle's Father.

Here is another post about Eric Carle I recently wrote for my I Heart Picture Books blog. Enjoy.

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