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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

A Card for Dad

I didn't have a dad growing up myself that I could dedicate this entry in the honor of father's day to. It's no big deal, my mom and dad split up before I was even a couple months old. We never saw him again and I don't bear any grudges, it was probably for the best. Today when I think of the word 'Dad' I don't think of my own dad, but I think of all of my awesome friends that are now dad's themselves. I think of how great they are and how proud they are of their kids and how they are trying to do everything they can to make their children have a safe, interesting, exciting and fun childhood. 

My friend Justin is one of my oldest friends who now has a son of his own and I'd like to dedicate this fathers day card to him and his super cute son Jude.  

I'm pretty happy with how colourful and happy this card turned out and I'm even more happy to let you know that it comes with this -brand new to the shop- 100% recycled kraft envelope. Yay for dads and yay for recycling! Grab one and get ready for that special dad in your life! 

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