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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Cards for Flower Lovers

Huzzah! There are new cards in the shop and they're for flower lovers all over the universe! I have been venturing to the beautiful public gardens here in Vancouver a lot lately and there are so many beautiful flowers to see and smell and touch and of course also to draw (lucky me:)) I get really blown away by just how beautiful and unique every flower is. Of course then when I make the actual drawings for my cards like these here, I don't really worry about the type of flower and getting the specifics right, but I'm simply letting my imagination take over. I'm more after the feeling that flowers give me. 

 This feeling is what I tried to put into these two cards here. If you can enjoy these half as much as I enjoyed making them it would make me very happy. A big thanks here to all of the green thumbs at the community gardens in Vancouver and everywhere! It's so lovely seeing all the beautiful work you've done. Lovely lovely lovely. Thanks so much for making our cities more magical. 

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