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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Colour and Colouring

I loved colouring and drawing as a kid and I remember very well what it was about the images that I liked to colour the most. It was that I really liked looking at them. It was never exciting to colour in a drawing that I didn't like. I still like colouring today and I think that it can be such a fantastic way to wind down and relax. Colouring isn't just great for kids, it's a like a meditation, you just have to allow yourself to really get lost in. So simple, so fun and so effective. And of course as your're colouring in something, you learn so much about colour itself and what it can do.

Today when I make images for the Draw Me A Lion colouring items in the shop, I always try to leave space for the person's imagination that will be doing the colouring. Sometimes it's really fun to colour in a super detailed drawing, but it's also fun to add more by drawing on the drawings and really make it yours.

Here is the original Cat Colouring Postcard I coloured in two different ways up at the top. How would you have coloured it in? Would you have drawn in something extra? Maybe there could be a tiny cat sitting on top of the big cat! It's all up to you!

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